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The LT15 POWER is an extra rigidly-constructed sawmill with a new heavy-duty bed system. This sawmill is designed to be as basic, rigid and simple as possible. This sawmill is ideal for companies needing to increase their sawmilling capacity with minimal labour, lower maintenance costs, and ensure durability for the life of the machine.

The LT15 POWER cuts logs up to 70 cm in diameter, has an 11 kW motor, electric up/down and push feed operation. Options include electronic setworks, power feed, and a debarker. In order to cut longer logs, bed extensions can be added to extend the sawmill bed to any required cutting length.


LT15 Power Engine

11 kW (15 HP) Electric motor
Plenty of power for cutting and results in a low power bill.

LT15 Power Blade tensiont

Blade tension
Easy-to-operate blade tension system with included gauge.

LT15 Power up/down

Electric up/down system
with fine adjust manual control.

LT15 Power Log clamps

Log clamp
Secures logs and allows you to cut as low as 25 mm from the bed.


Standard 11 kW Electric Motor
Cutting Capacity
Length 5.4 m
(3 segments 1.95 m each + 0.45 m)
Can be extended with optional bed extensions.
Diameter 70 cm
Girth 220 cm
Sawmill Head Features
Standard Push feed
Electric Up/down with manual fine adjust knob
Water Lubrication Tank
Blade Tension System
Adjustable blade guide arm
Belted cast steel blade wheels
Optional SW Setworks
Power Feed
Sawmill Bed Features
Standard 3 log clamps
3 bed sections
2 side supports on each bed segment
12 adjustable leveling feet
Rail and roller wipes
Length 4010 mm
Width 32-35 mm
Blade Wheel diameter 483 mm

Latest Success Stories

LT15 sawmill creates jobs in poorest country of world

LT15 sawmill creates jobs in poorest country of world

In the midst of poverty, with the threat of invading armies from the East in 1998, a brand new Wood-Mizer LT25 arrived at Kikongo, Congo, perched on the back of a truck.