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The new EG250 is a straightforward twin-blade edger, designed to be affordable and reliable with simple edging functions. For woodworking shops looking for a dependable edger, but not requiring industrial-grade productivity features, the EG250 twin-blade board edger is a new solution.

The edger is supplied with two circular sawblades, powered by an 11kW motor, or optionally a 15kW motor. One blade is fixed and the other is adjusted using a hand crank to change the edging width. The edger’s power feed system comes standard at 12 metres per minute, but a variable speed option can be added to allow from 0 to 20 m per minute.

For boards that already have one straight edge, an adjustable fence allows the operator to quickly position boards for edging the second side.

EG250 Equipment

EDGER multirip

Circular Blades
One fixed circular blade, and an adjustable blade for changing the width of the cut.

EG250 Adjustable speed control

Adjustable Feed Speed
Standard 12 metres per minute, but a variable speed option can be added to allow from 0 to 20 m per minute.

EG250 Electric motor

Electric motor
11 kW electric motor
(15 kW optional)

EG250 Manual dial

Manual dial
Lets you accurately choose the final size of lumber you want when edging.

EG250 Powered Roller

Powered Rollers
Full width steel rollers grip wet boards firmly without damaging the surface.

EG250 Adjustable Fence

Adjustable Fence
Allows you to quickly position boards that already have one straight edge.


Standard 11 kW electric
Optional 15 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Feed width 550 mm
Max. Cutting width 410 mm
Min. Cutting width 60 mm
Max. Cutting thickness 60 mm
Min. Cutting thickness 10 mm
Min. Board Length 750 mm
Edger Features & Options
Standard 2 circular blades
Manual dial
Options Adjustable fence
Adjustable speed
Feed System
No. of Powered rollers 4
Feed speed 12 m/min (standard)
0-20 m/min (optional)
Diameter 350 mm
No. teeth 24
Kerf 4 mm
No. blades 2 standard
Blade thickness 3.9 mm
Edger Dimensions & Requirements
Normal power usage 400 V 50 Hz 3Ph

Latest Success Stories

Swaziland Plantations wins with Wood-Mizer TITAN

Friday, June 12, 2020

Swaziland Plantations wins with Wood-Mizer TITAN

The rolling and green landscapes of Swaziland is home to Swaziland Plantations Sawmill, a division of the Swaziland Plantations Group.


The family-owned integrated agro-forestry company trades across several sectors managed by specialist commercial forestry, sawmilling, treated timber, drum manufacturing, timber sales and farming divisions of the group.


Swaziland Plantations’ sawmill operation consists of a long-length (6 – 6.6m) and short-length (2.5m) mill, the output from both supplying export and domestic structural and industrial timber markets as well the company’s door, treatment, finger-joint and drum manufacturing plants.


A 2018 upgrade that added three units from Wood-Mizer’s TITAN range to the short and long-length mills, provided for significant output increases and processing flexibility benefits that Swaziland Plantations were looking for.


Wood-Mizer TITAN EG800 Edger

“The decision to invest money in the short-length mill was as a result of additional saw log volumes that became available from an outside supplier,” Pierre Prinsloo, Swaziland General Manager said.

“We commissioned the two Wood-Mizer TITAN EG800 Board Edgers to streamline the short-length mill and process the increased log supply. This resulted in a significant output increase from 30 to 55m³/day. The 83% increase in sawn volume per day has significantly improved our profitability and the amount of sawn material that we can use in our plants,” Pierre Prinsloo continued.


The 640mm throat width of the Wood-Mizer TITAN EG800 comfortably produces the bulk of the 76 x 114 mm and 76 x 152 x 2.5m boards that exit the mill. Laser lines at the infeed side of the units assist operators to align boards to get the best recovery and produce accurately sized boards.  

The two Wood-Mizer TITAN ED800 Edgers working at Swaziland Plantations’ short-length mill.

The Wood-Mizer TITAN EG800 Manual Board Edger is designed to offer a twofold solution to small and medium-sized sawmills.
It can edge material up to 40mm thick at higher speeds (130 m/min). At slower feed speeds, it can rip material up to 120mm. Most of the sawn product produced in SA fall in the 38 x 114 mm size range.


The wide arbour can be packed with multiple blades. By aligning the incoming board, it is possible to make multiple, different size cuts for various product sizes to unlock the best value, increase productivity and improve recovery.


Further benefits delivered by the unit include:

o   Powerful, 30 kW main saw motor (Optional 37, 45 or 55)

o   Easy to maintain bolt-on sub-assemblies such as shaft and rollers

o   CNC water jet-cut high precision 16 mm plate steel components

o   Variable feed speed up to 130 m/min.  

o   4 x Bottom / 2 x Top heavy-duty, large diameter, high traction and driven hold-down rollers

o   Laser lines for board alignment

o   Heavy duty in and outfeed roller tables


Wood-Mizer TITAN HR2000 Dual Feed Resaw 

The new Wood-Mizer TITAN HR2000 Dual Feed Resaw resolved several production bottlenecks at Swaziland Plantations’ long-length sawmill.


“An inadequate log sorting process saw us taking in logs of varying diameters. The different-size sideboards coming off varying diameter log sizes slowed production down, reduced our recovery figures and ultimately impacted on our profitability.

“The commissioning of the resaw has resolved all the bottlenecks that we had,” Pierre Prinsloo said.

Front and back views of the Wood-Mizer TITAN HR2000 Hybrid Dual Feed resaw

“The resaw gives us the flexibility to cut 19 or 25 mm thicknesses when log diameters decrease, or

25 or 38 mm thicknesses when diameters go up again.


The mill's recovery has increased exponentially with the new increased flexibility also resulting in higher volumes of commercially valuable material flowing to the structural timber sales division and the industrial and doors panelling plants of the sawmill.


Machine specification

The Wood-Mizer TITAN HR2000 Dual Feed Re-saw is specifically designed for recovery of multiple board thicknesses on a single machine in one pass with no adjustment needed to saw either the one size or the other.

Having two infeed conveyors gives the machine the advantage of giving optimal recovery on resawn material.


From a price point and compared to other offerings, the Hybrid range offers heavy duty sawmilling capacity at a very affordable price. This makes it accessible to small and medium-sized sawmills.

The affordability of the range, the customisation possibilities that it offers and the productivity that it gives, empower sawmillers to widen margins and extend efficiencies

The ability to run blade widths that vary in size from 32 to 80 mm can be customised further with the choice to run spring set, swage set and Stellite tipped (65 to 80mm wide) saws on one head rig.

Heavy duty feed mechanics is standard for the entire range.

The range is simple to maintain and operate and can easily slot into existing lines with minimal disruption.

If complex integration is required, Wood-Mizer’s engineering team can assist with planning and execution of mechanical and electronic integration into existing sawmills.

The Hybrid range also slots in neatly between Wood-Mizer’s narrow bandsaw portable and industrial ranges and the TITAN 4 & 6-inch Twinband and Resaw bandsaw range.

Sawmillers benefit from the wider product choice, increased flexibility to integrate different solutions from the same producer in one line, and the ability to do so in the most affordable manner possible.

Key features

o   2 independent feed conveyors

o   Feed Speeds up to 40 m/min

o   Compatible for blade sizes between 32 to 80

o   Hydraulic straining system

o   Throat width 2x 210mm 

o   Heavy-duty Titan Head-rig column for high strain, high-speed sawmilling

o   Pneumatically assisted, powered hold-down rollers

o   Heavy-duty slat-chain with variable speed 

o   Stationary arbor drive wheel system