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Wood-Mizer’s footprint in Ghana grows further

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Wood-Mizer’s footprint in Ghana grows further

Gyadosaboc Ltd, managed by timber and sawmilling sector veteran Philip Gyamfi, ranks amongst Wood-Mizer Africa’s most successful dealerships in Africa.


Gyadosaboc’s 13 branches allow access to Ghana’s widely diversified timber economy with the company’s branch network now also reaching into neighbouring Togo, Benin and the Ivory Coast.

Sawmills in stock at Wood-Mizer Ghana’s Kumasi branch from where the company’s 12 other branches in Ghana are managed.

Philip Gyamfi, Gyadosaboc Ltd’s CEO has a clear and unobstructed view of what it takes to remain competitive in Ghana’s highly contested trading environment.


“We supply a superior product that is matched by high stock levels, quality after-sales service and technical support together with ready access to consumables and training available at all our branches in Ghana and neighbouring countries.


“Wood-Mizer prides itself on assisting sawmillers without delay. Time is money and our high stock levels at all our branches ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum with spares and blades immediately available,” Philip continues.


Wood-Mizer Ghana’s headquarters is located in Kumasi, roughly 200 kilometres north of the country’s capital, Accra.


Serving as Wood-Mizer’s national hub, the HQ in Kumasi has a birds-eye view of the key timber production regions where Wood-Mizer Ghana’s branches are located.

Wood-Mizer’s Bibiani branch ensures that sawmillers in Ghana have access to spares, blades, and other support services to limit downtime when mills break down.

The three regions – Great Accra, Central and Western, Ashanti and Brong Ahafo is managed from Kumasi with branches in Accra, Takoradi, Adansi Asokwa, Gyinyase, Bibiani, Goasa, Sinyani, Techiman, Ejura, Twifo Praso, Sefwi Asawinso, and Sefi Edwenase.

Stockholding of blades, spares, and consumables at Wood-Mizer 13 branches in Ghana and nearby Togo, Benin and Ivory Coast.

Every Wood-Mizer branch is close to where sawmillers work.


When mills break down or blades have to be replaced, sawmillers don’t need to waste valuable time to fix a sawmill or get new blades by travelling far to reach their closest support centre.


Experienced branch managers are also available to assist sawmillers with replacement parts, find the right blade for the job or give advice.

Wood-Mizer’s branch in Ivory Coast.

Wood-Mizer Ghana’s new machine sales, training and technical support teams are also ready to travel to sawmillers to assist with any inquiry whenever needed.


Wood-Mizer’s sawmilling equipment range includes entry-level through to industrial sawmilling solutions that are proven in Ghana. Many small sawmillers in Ghana have grown successful and highly profitable sawn timber export companies through their partnership with Wood-Mizer.

Wood-Mizer’s sawmilling equipment range includes entry-level through to industrial sawmilling solutions that are proven in Ghana.

Sawmillers in Ghana run successful and highly profitable sawn timber export companies through their partnership with Wood-Mizer.

Wood-Mizer is also a market leader in bandsaw blade production, quality and range. 


Specially formulated metals, blade profiles, hook angles and blade thicknesses made to factory specifications and that are tested to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards, combine to cut the exotic hardwoods that are found in Ghana accurately, consistently, and affordably.


Wood-Mizer’s bandsaw blade maintenance range makes it easy for sawmillers to maintain their blades with a ready supply of sharp blades always available. 


“I want to challenge sawmillers in Ghana,” Philip Gyamfi says.


Gyadosaboc’s CEO and timber veteran Philip Gyamfi, with many years of sawmilling experience assisting customers in West Africa.

“There are many sawmill manufacturers in Ghana that promise better sawmills, cheaper blades, better service.


“If they can match Wood-Mizer’s product ranges, service support, stockholding, technical know-how and experience earned over more than 30 years trading in West Africa, then you’re free to consider their offer.


“But if they cannot, and you pay the price for empty promises, you know where to find Wood-Mizer,” Philip concludes.



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