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Wood-Mizer's TITAN Hybrid range – Versatile, Affordable, Tough

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wood-Mizer's TITAN Hybrid range – Versatile, Affordable, Tough

The TITAN Hybrid range resulted from the idea to bridge the gap between narrow and wideband technologies in the small to medium sized sawmilling sector.


This allows for a sawmilling solution that gives sawmillers the flexibility to either run wider blades for more performance or narrower band profiles for those looking for a simpler saw doctoring process.

The versatility that this solution offers, has a number of secondary benefits that add to the utility of the TITAN Hybrid range

A general overview

The Hybrid range consists of primary and secondary breakdown solutions with both designed to run narrower or wider bandsaws.

Ø  From a price point and compared to other offerings, the range offers heavy-duty sawmilling capacity at a very affordable price. This makes it accessible to small and medium-sized sawmills

Ø  The affordability of the range, the customisation possibilities that it offers and the productivity that it gives, empower sawmillers to widen margins and extend efficiencies

Ø  The ability to run blade widths that vary in size from 32 to 80 mm can be customised further with the choice to run spring set, swage set and Stellite tipped (65 to 80mm wide) saws on one head rig

Ø  If clients want to run narrower (38 or 50mm) wide saws, this can also be done

Ø  Heavy duty feed mechanics is standard for the entire range

Ø  The range is simple to maintain and operate and can easily slot into existing lines with minimal disruption

Ø  The Hybrid range also slots in neatly between Wood-Mizer’s narrow bandsaw portable and industrial ranges and the TITAN 4 & 6-inch Twinband and Resaw bandsaw range.

Ø  Sawmillers benefit from the wider product choice, increased flexibility to integrate different solutions from the same producer in one line, and the ability to do so in the most affordable manner possible. 

The Hybrid range unpacked – Twinbands

The Wood-Mizer TITAN Hybrid Twinband range is an efficient and affordable twin vertical primary breakdown solution to cut the log into a two-sided cant. The range offers two models, the TV2000 and TV2000-AFL. Both are suitable for log diameters of between 120 – 400 mm and up to 4.2 m in length.

Rocklands Sawmills’ TITAN Hybrid TV2000 Twinband breaking Eucalyptus logs down into two-sided cants and sideboards.

Features that can be highlighted are feed speeds of up to 40 m/min, manual or automated log loading, various sharp chain options, pressurised feed rollers to ensure a stable cut, heavy duty construction for high strain sawing and electronic cut size control. 

With the automated cut size control, the operator simply selects a cut size and the machine will automatically adjust to that size. This removes the need to sort the logs before sawing.

Additional options are also available.

The range unpacked – Resaw

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN Hybrid HR2000 Resaw is a high-performance, industrial capacity resaw that is available in a single or back-to-back twin-head configuration.

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN Hybrid HR2000 Resaw is a high-performance, industrial capacity resaw that is available in a single or back-to-back twin-head configuration.

It is suitable for processing sideboards and cants or blocks measuring up to 350 mm wide and 290 mm high.

Factors that contribute to its productivity and efficiency Include:

Ø  Feed speeds of up to 40 m/min

Ø  A heavy-duty head rig construction for high strain, high-speed accurate sawmilling

Ø  Pneumatically assisted powered hold-down rollers

Ø  Heavy-duty in and outfeed slat-chain bed with variable speed.


The unit can easily integrate into existing lines. Low power consumption adds to the utility of the product.

A Wood-Mizer TITAN HR4000 Twin resaw taking care of part of the sideboards that exit the TVS.


Rocklands Sawmill

Peak Forest Products trading as Rocklands Mill is a mining timber mill located in Swaziland.


It was established in mid-2010 in conjunction with local partners to provide a higher value take-off for burnt and fresh timber at Peak Timbers after the devastating fires of 2007 and to produce high-quality products for local and exports markets to the benefit of Swaziland.


The mill’s key output is mining timber with a wet-off-saw line also kicking into gear in 2013 to supply pallet components to manufacturers in Swaziland and South Africa.


The wet-off-saw line is built entirely around Wood-Mizer’s TITAN Hybrid Twinband and Resaw range and the company’s HR4000 and HR6000 Resaw range.

Primary breakdown at Rocklands is done with a TITAN Hybrid TV2000 Twinband. Sideboards from there are fed to two resaws, a TITAN Hybrid HR2000 resaw and a TITAN HR4000 Twin resaw.


The sideboards and two-sided cant exiting the TVS are edged and ripped with four TITAN edgers, which includes an EG800 manual board edger.

The sideboards and two-sided cant exiting the TVS are edged and ripped with four TITAN edgers.

Current input into the mill of mainly 2,5 and 3,1 m Eucalyptus logs stand at 500-600 logs per day. Although daily and monthly output was undisclosed by management, recovery figures are estimated at between 48 and 50%.


Speaking to Rocklands Mill Manager Jaco Fourie, he said the line’s compact design and flexibility makes it possible to achieve the output that they’re achieving from it currently.

The product from the mill awaiting distribution to diverse destinations in Swaziland and beyond.


Rocklands management team - Ncamiso Bhembe (Yard Foreman), Jaco Fourie (Sawmill Manager), X-Mas Musenzo (WOS Manager), Bonke Dlamini (Pack Mill Manager) and Elijah Bera (Senior Production Manager).

Jaco concludes that he is confident that the line has not reached its limit yet and that it can be improved significantly into the future.



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