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Articles & Stories

Study money builds a successful sawmill

A young sawmiller in South Africa uses study money to start a sawmilling business instead – and it is a booming success!

Roadside trader becomes inspired sawmiller

A sawmill near Moria in South Africa’s Limpopo Province is the backdrop for an extraordinary business success story that is still unfolding.

Wood-Mizer open days draw crowds in DRC

Crowds flock to open days in Kinshasa to see Wood-Mizer’s new WPF swing blade sawmill.

True grit sees Botswana sawmiller succeed

A sawmiller from Botswana uses an entry-level Wood-Mizer sawmill to produce high-value custom furniture out of the iron-hard logs from that country.  

Get your hands on a TITAN Multirip for the toughest ripping jobs

With Wood-Mizer TITAN’s Multirip range, sawmillers have a multirip solution that any size sawmill can afford and use to boost the bottom line.  

Get the Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE – and cut WIDE

Now sawmillers in Africa have the answer to cut the large log sizes in Africa. See why the LT70WIDE has become a trusted sawmilling solution for sawmillers that need to cut...

Get a TITAN Multirip for the toughest ripping jobs

Wood-Mizer’s TITAN Multirip range is designed to give every size sawmill the benefit of using a multirip.

Wood-Mizer Mozambique opens more stores

Sawmillers can now buy and service their Wood-Mizer sawmills in seven cities in Mozambique.  

Swaziland Plantations wins with Wood-Mizer TITAN

Three Wood-Mizer TITAN units commissioned at Piggs Peak-based Swaziland Plantations Sawmill unlock significant benefits for Swaziland Plantations Group.

Get the advantage of a WPF swing blade sawmill.

The Wood-Mizer Winch Production Frame (WPF) circular swing blade sawmill that’s now part of Wood-Mizer's sawmill range provides for several features that make it more...


Welcome to the Newsroom for Wood-Mizer Africa! 

Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

I invite you to contact myself to inquire more about Wood-Mizer or any of these articles. 

Etienne Nagel Wood-Mizer PR journalist Africa Asia
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