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The new EG250 is a straightforward twin-blade edger, designed to be affordable and reliable with simple edging functions. For woodworking shops looking for a dependable edger, but not requiring industrial-grade productivity features, the EG250 twin-blade board edger is a new solution.

The edger is supplied with two circular sawblades, powered by an 11kW motor, or optionally a 15kW motor. One blade is fixed and the other is adjusted using a hand crank to change the edging width. The edger’s power feed system comes standard at 12 metres per minute, but a variable speed option can be added to allow from 0 to 20 m per minute.

For boards that already have one straight edge, an adjustable fence allows the operator to quickly position boards for edging the second side.

EG250 Equipment

EDGER multirip

Circular Blades
One fixed circular blade, and an adjustable blade for changing the width of the cut.

EG250 Adjustable speed control

Adjustable Feed Speed
Standard 12 metres per minute, but a variable speed option can be added to allow from 0 to 20 m per minute.

EG250 Electric motor

Electric motor
11 kW electric motor
(15 kW optional)

EG250 Manual dial

Manual dial
Lets you accurately choose the final size of lumber you want when edging.

EG250 Powered Roller

Powered Rollers
Full width steel rollers grip wet boards firmly without damaging the surface.

EG250 Adjustable Fence

Adjustable Fence
Allows you to quickly position boards that already have one straight edge.

EG250 video


Standard 11 kW electric
Optional 15 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Feed width 550 mm
Max. Cutting width 410 mm
Min. Cutting width 60 mm
Max. Cutting thickness 60 mm
Min. Cutting thickness 10 mm
Min. Board Length 750 mm
Edger Features & Options
Standard 2 circular blades
Manual dial
Options Adjustable fence
Adjustable speed
Feed System
No. of Powered rollers 4
Feed speed 12 m/min (standard)
0-20 m/min (optional)
Diameter 350 mm
No. teeth 24
Kerf 4 mm
No. blades 2 standard
Blade thickness 3.9 mm
Edger Dimensions & Requirements
Normal power usage 400 V 50 Hz 3Ph

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