Wood-Mizer Africa

Wood - Beautiful. Natural. Renewable.

"With wood, we can build a better world for millions of people, today and tomorrow. In the wood industry of tomorrow, sustainable and profitable wood processing will work together. It is an attainable goal with innovative wood processing solutions from Wood-Mizer. “People are much more aware of the need to conserve and maintain forest cover. They are realising how important it is for the environment and preserving the resource for the future. We want to play our part in that as well.”
Robert Bagiński, President - Wood-Mizer Industries

Making Africa prosper

Africa’s huge timber resources supports life and has the potential to kick-start many profitable businesses for centuries if this treasure is managed wisely. Wood-Mizer’s range of affordable, quality sawmills is an ideal opportunity for anyone who has dreamt about starting a sawmilling business to invest in the future now. A better life for you and your loved one’s when you start a profitable sawmilling business - another reason to manage and protect Africa’s timber wealth.

A smarter method is born

In 1982, Wood-Mizer started from humble beginnings – in a garage in Indiana, USA. The idea changed how logs could become timber. Something new was created and new opportunities became apparent. Suddenly, anyone could produce their own wood easily and economically, and a revolution began for wood producers around the world.

In 1990, a Polish entrepreneur recognised the possibilities and introduced Wood-Mizer’s products to Europe. Our European headquarters was established in Kolo, Poland to serve the markets of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The company grew as more and more people were introduced to the concept of thin-kerf sawmilling technology.

Wood-Mizer in Africa

Wood-Mizer opened its doors in Africa in 1987, first as a representative office and later in 2011, as a full subsidiary of Wood-Mizer Industries. Our 28-year track-record in Africa underline our commitment to the continent and our customers. Because we understand Africa we build sawmills for Africa. We then add to it by offering a continent-wide dealership network that guarantees spare part and technical support so you can rest assured that your mill will run, no matter what it takes.

With Wood-Mizer, you can cut any wood in any place.

Today, Wood-Mizer Industries is equipping the modern timber processer with smarter products that increase profitability and promote sustainability. The first basic models have grown into highly engineered machines capable of cutting any wood on any continent.

Africa’s hard and softwoods and the logs sizes found here is no exception.

The professional orange line of sawmills and equipment provide a wide range of opportunities for small businesses and individuals. But the well-known orange sawmills are just the beginning. Industrial sawmills providing heavy-weight capacity to handle the logs found in Africa and Smart Log Processing lines are capable of commercial-level production with the advantages that thin-kerf blades give – lower operational costs and more sawn timber from every log.

Wide band sawmills built for dependable production even in remote regions are the latest advance in Wood-Mizer’s line. Other diverse products include resaws, edgers, moulders, crosscuts, material handling equipment and more.

“I very firmly believe that Wood-Mizer is a very viable method of cutting logs into sawn timber. It is an easy, low energy and ecologically friendly method of sawmilling. You can have a small, one-man business or you can build it up into a very large business.”

Cutting starts with a blade.

Wood-Mizer manufactures a wide range of blades that can cut any wood in whatever log size.

Economical carbon-steel blades for continuous production sawing combines with premium carbide-tipped and bimetal blades to provide for high performance, versatility, performance, and quality that is guaranteed. To keep the blade like new, Wood-Mizer also manufactures a wide range of blade maintenance solutions. Our affordable and easy-to-use sharpeners and setters for entry level through to industrial scale blade maintenance needs put money back in your pocket. Maintain your own blades for a longer blade life and more profits.

Modern Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing facilities in the United States and Europe guarantee maximum quality at an affordable price – anywhere in the world. Premium steel and the highest quality components are paramount. Lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement in all departments constantly find new ways for improving processes, quality, and speed. Stringent quality control and constant improvement are implemented in every step of manufacturing, from initial conception and development to final assembly of every individual unit.

60 000+ customers worldwide

“I do not think that there is a country in the world that does not have at least one of our sawmills. Desert countries have them, and they are even in Greenland and Iceland. We are just about everywhere.”

The formula is working. With branch offices on five continents and more than 100 authorised distributors worldwide, Wood-Mizer is committed to customer success. Our international sales and service teams offer advice, experience, and local service worldwide, with experience in diverse markets for many years.
Most customers are small businesses supporting their families by supplying sustainably and locally grown timber to their region. Farmers, woodworkers, and artisans are able to cut timber for their own special needs to support their businesses. They are actively growing their local economies, creating jobs, and improving living standards in all corners of the world.
The future

“What started as a germ of an idea is beginning to be quite significant and I think the Wood-Mizer model is being taken seriously by the established traditional sawmilling industry. I think we have earned that.

“We have a broader mission than just producing machinery and selling them. We have a commitment to both our customers and the environment. We have a dream to provide an alternative to the more traditional methods of sawing logs. And we also have an intention to enjoy doing it.”

We try to help you make the right choice to suit your own plans, however ambitious. When acquiring a Wood-Mizer sawmill, you buy more than the product – you become a part of the Wood-Mizer family.

Face the future of your company confidently with Wood-Mizer.