LT15 Setworks SW08

Random dimensions with every board by 2, 3, 5 mm on SW08
Please check the plastic connector between encoder and belted wheel of up/down function.

LT20 Setworks SW08

Dimension shown on the SW08 display jumps between 150, 149
Possible disruptions on the callibration gauge. Install separating condensers on "+" and "-" clips.

AC Accuset

What to do when REFERENCE or PATTERN settings disappear due to the use of equipment powered by 12 V motor (e.g. board removal, debarker arm, etc.)?
Check wire connections between the transformer and Accuset paying special attention to the capacitor located inside the Accuset control box. If the capacitor is damaged, replace it (preferably with a larger 3700 µF 36V DC - 75V DC capacitor).

PLC Setworks does not accurately move the saw head.

What to do when finished boards cut on a sawmill equipped with SW-PLC do not have desired dimensions?

  1. Check the kerf setting (in SW-PLC the standard kerf setting is 2 mm).
  2. Calibrate the saw head:
    • Move the saw head so the blade is positioned above one of the bed rails;
    • Position the saw head so the distance from the bed rail to the bottom edge of the blade is e.g. 300 mm;
    • Loosen the linear sensor mounting bolts and position the sensor so the sensor display indicates exactly 300 mm;
    • Tighten the sensor mounting bolts so the sensor cannot slide;
    • Should the reading on the display be slightly different than 300 mm, correct it by moving the sensor magnet (black cube).