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Sawmill Adjustment

The blade does not maintain an accurate board thickness.

What to do when the blade does not maintain an accurate board thickness dimension along the entire log length?
It can happen that through the operator's inattention the blade guide arm hits the log which causes the cam bolts of the blade guide arm rollers to loosen.

Please refer to the appropriate section of your manual with regard to the blade guide arm alignment.

Sawmill bed setup

Is it the operator who is supposed to adjust the sawmill bed within the warranty period?
Yes. On picking up the machine the operator is always trained how to set and operate it.

Blade guide rollers setup

What distance should the blade have from the blade guide roller flange?
When the blade is properly positioned on the blade wheels the distance from the blade guide roller flange should be 1.5 - 3.0 mm.

Blade guide deflection

What deflection with the blade guide rollers should the blade have?
In a properly set-up machine the deflection should be 6 mm. it depends on the blade guide system. Please refer to the manual.