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Saw Head Movement

LT40 AC up/down motor

The LT40 AC up/down motor is very hot when working
You may need to check and adjust the brake of the motor. The distance (gap) should be 0.3 mm

LT20 power feed motor

While cutting hardwood (big diameters) at low pace, power feed stops
Please change settings of the Altivar, UFr to 30.

Power Feed Problems in AC Sawmills (380V)

What problems with the power feed operation can arise in 380V AC sawmills?
The power feed operation (forward/backward saw head movement) in Wood-Mizer sawmills is controlled by an Altivar 28 speed controller. To activate this operation, you should either turn the key switch to the (2) position or start the motor and turn the key to the (1) position. Possible problems: 

  1. Jerky saw head forward operation - the feed rate dial is probably damaged
  2. The motor does not work and the Altivar display reads 'USF' - lack of any phase or too low voltage. Check the Altivar connections, tighten the L1, L2, L3, U, V and W bolts if necessary and make sure the power cord is properly connected to the electric box outlet - check the 2S, 2M and 1S contactors that the power feed operation depends on. If other messages are displayed, contact Wood-Mizer Customer Service.

Lack of up/down operation in LT40HDE15

What can be the cause of LT40HDE15's incorrect up/down operation?
First check the up/down motor brushes. Then, if your machine was manufactured after 1992, make sure that the drum switch is in a proper condition. Inspect also the circuit breaker located in the control panel.

Power feed operation, controlling in DC machines

The power feed circuit board cannot be used in old sawmills.
The new power feed circuit board is equipped with an additional thin red wire which should be connected to the terminal # 2 of the power feed switch.