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Other Problems

Problems with the Electric Brake

What should be done when the electric brake does not work, i.e. after turning the key switch to the (2) position it is not possible to rotate the drive wheel or the GV thermal protection turns off the sawmill motor?
Most probably the cause of this problem is burned-out rectifier located inside the motor terminal box (replace it with a new one). Should you however detect lack of voltage to the rectifier, check the 2S contactor or connections at the terminal block/key switch. ALL REPAIR WORK SHOULD BE PERFORMED BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN AND ON THE BASIS OF THE ELECTRICAL DIAGRAM PROVIDED WITH THE MACHINE.

Blade life

What is the total number of cubic meters that a single blade can produce?
If the blade is properly used, its overall performance can reach several tens of cubic meters. The user should keep in mind that the blade life depends on quality of wood being sawn, sharpening frequency and sharpening quality.