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Hydraulic Units

Hydraulic units

One of the hydraulic sections works only in one direction i.e. extends hydraulic cylinder but does not retract it (or vice versa).

Possible solutions:
  • Damaged hydraulic cylinder or motor.
  • Damaged valve unit.

Hydraulic oil used in winter

Should hydraulic oil be changed in winter?

If the hydraulic system is filled with Univis J26 oil, the change is not necessary. If another oil was used, you should replace it with the above-mentioned oil.

Hydraulic Units Do Not Work in 380V AC Sawmills

Hydraulic Units Do Not Work in 380V AC Sawmills

Probable causes:
  1. Improper phase sequence - place a screwdriver in the phase inverter outlet (electric box of the hydraulics) and change the phase sequence. When the phase sequence is proper, the green light on the CKF phase sequence sensor is on.
  2. Make sure the contacts at the bottom of the carriage touch the power supply strip on the frame tube (the saw head is close enough to the front end of the mill to touch the power strip). Also check if the key switch is in the 2 position.
  3. Using a voltmeter, make sure the voltage between the sawmill frame and the power strip is 24V. If not, check the voltage between the negative (-) contact that touches the lower track rail and the positive (+) contact located at the bottom of the vertical mast and touching the power strip. If voltage is present at these contacts, clean them.
  4. Check the ground wire connection (N).
  5. Check the F1 and F2 circuit breakers located in the hydraulic box as well as the F1M hydraulic motor thermal protection (press the blue button).
  6. Check the microswitch located to the right of the hydraulic control levers (adjust or replace it).
  7. Check the PC time relay