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380V Electrical System

380V AC Sawmill

What are the 380V electrical components in Wood-Mizer sawmills?

These components are:
  1. The main motor (M1) started by a Y-Delta starter
  2. The power feed motor (M2) controlled by an Altivar 28 speed controller (sawmills with electric power feed operation)
  3. The up/down motor (M3) connected to the 3S and 4S reverse contactors. In Super sawmills it is connected also to the 6S contactor (two speeds).
    In sawmills the up/down operation can also be controlled by a speed controller and PLC Setworks (option).
  4. The debarker motor (M4) connected to the 5S contactor (option)
  5. The transformer (TR) supplying low voltage (24V) to the control circuits.
  6. The electromagnetic motor brake (H) connected to the rectifier located inside the motor terminal box and to the 2S contactor
    The sawmill electric box and the hydraulic control box. A 4-wire cable is required to connect the electric box to the mains, and a 5-wire cable is required to connect the hydraulic control box (L1, L2 and L3 stand for the phases, PE for the ground wire and N for the neutral wire).