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The XC100 is an economical and durable crosscut for cutting boards into standard lengths. It is designed to fit easily into existing processing lines. 

Material capacity for the XC100 is 60 mm high by 200 mm wide. Cants up to 100 mm square can be cut by using an additional fence. A scale and two adjustable stops makes it easy to consistently produced required lengths from 60 mm up to 1200 mm long. 

A foot pedal engages cutting, leaving the operator’s hands free for material handling. The blade is powered by a 4 kW electric motor. Twin v-belts transfer power to the blade, and a special viewing port allows the operator to inspect the condition of the belts at any time. A top clamp secures the board as the blade raises from underneath to make the cut. The clamp and blade movement is powered pneumatically. 

 A viewing window in the hood makes it easy to safely observe cutting. A sawdust collection port in the hood allows connection to a dust collection system to remove sawdust. 

The XC100 features a compact design, and both in-feed and out-feed roller tables collapse for easy transport. The XC100 is CE certified, and comes with many standard safety switches and features.


Safe Window

Safe View of Work
The large viewport in the hood keeps the operator safe.

Board Capacity

Board Capacity
60mm high by 200mm wide.

Adjustable Stops

Adjust Stops 
Easily adjust to cut boards from 60mm up to 1200mm long.

Automatic Clamp

Automatic Clamping 
A pneumatic clamp secures the board automatically.

Easy Operations

Easy Operation 
A foot pedal engages the clamp and blade.

Belt view window

Belt view window 
The operator can visually inspect belt condition.


Standard 4 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Board width 200 mm
Max. Board height 60 mm
Max. Cant width 100 mm
Max. Cant height 100 mm
Min. Cut length 60 mm
Max. Cut length 1200 mm
Cross Cut Features
Standard Foot pedal
Roller in-feed table
Roller out-feed table
Protective hood
Two adjustable board stops
Pneumatic board clamp
Fence for cant processing
Circular blade
Diameter 400 mm
Blade speed 2 100 rpm
Sawmill Requirements
Normal power usage
Dust collection port size

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