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The WM3500 is a proven industrial thin-kerf sawmill for primary log breakdown, and for cutting logs which cannot be processed in an automated line. The WM3500 delivers higher log yield at lower investment and operating cost than alternatives, increasing profitability and ability to produce diverse products quickly. 

 The WM3500 requires only one operator to manage log handling, sawing, and remove finished boards for further processing. Powerful computer setworks, centralised controls, and heavy-duty hydraulic functions enable the operator to focus on producing quality timber at a high production rate. 

The WM3500’s wide throat capacity cuts large diameter logs into boards or cants with help from the bidirectional chain turner, hydraulic toeboards, and heavy-duty log clamp. 

The WM3500 uses thin-kerf, narrow band blades that maximise log yield and minimise waste and operational costs – increasing profits and competitiveness.

wm3500 equipment


Setworks with joystick controls
Operator has full control with automation functions that increase productivity.

Blade guides

Blade guides
Integrated blade lubrication ports, flanged, heat-treated rollers with high speed bearings, and double block guides.

Operator station

Operator station 
Standard raised platform gives operator clear view of work. Optional enclosure.

Heavy Duty Log Clamp

Heavy-duty log clamp
The versatile log clamp can be used to clamp the log or cant, as well to flip cants precisely.

Bi-directional Chain turner

Bi-directional chain turner 
Quickly turn and position the log with the heavy-duty turner.

Power Roller

Optional Power Rollers
Position the log on the sawing bed and remove cants quickly.

WM3500 video

WM3500 Customer videos


 Standard  22 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
 Length  6.5 m
 Length with board  removal  6.3 m
 Diameter  910 mm 
 Max. clamp width
 (from stop block)
 660 mm 
 Min. clamp width
 (from stop block)
 50 mm
 Max. throat width
 (guide to guide)
 860 mm 
 Max. cant width
 (outer guide to stop  block)
 790 mm
 Max. cutting depth
 at 610 mm wide
 130 mm
 Max. cutting depth
 at 560 mm wide
 330 mm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
 Standard  Computer Setworks
 Power up/down
 Power feed
 Electric blade guide arm
 Automatic blade lubrication
 Roller & double block blade guides
 Laser sight
 Blade tension
 Options  Debarker
 Powered spiky roller
 Hold down clamps
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
 Standard  Clamp
 Taper rollers
 Options  Heavy-Duty Bed
 Power roller
 Pantograph System
 Hold-down clamps
 Loading arms
 Enclosed operator cab
 Standard Hydraulic  5.5 kW hydraulic pump
 1 bi-directional chain turner
 2 vertical side supports
 Super Hydraulic  7.5 kW hydraulic pump
 2 bi-directional chain turner
 3 vertical side supports
 Tables (optional)  Sawmill Log Deck 3.6 m
 Sawmill Log Deck 6.0 m
 Inclined Conveyor
 Transfer Deck
 Length  4.98 m
 Width  38 mm
 Blade Wheel diameter  635 mm
 Blade wheel material  Belted cast steel
Sawmill Requirements
 Shop air supply  110 psi
 Power requirements  400 V / 50 Hz
 Dust collection port size  150 mm

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