The EG400 is a rugged board edger that is at home in commercial sawing businesses that require a fast, accurate, and heavy-duty board edger. The EG400 edges material 700mm wide by 100mm high at 30 metres per minute, and smaller material at up to 54 metres per minute.

The remote operator’s control console manages all edger functions, and can be repositioned as needed. The 22kW motor delivers plenty of power for softwoods and hardwoods. The edger automatically adjusts feed speed depending on the thickness of the board being cut. Two 400mm blades are mounted on a splined shaft and move in and out from the centre, allowing the use of an optional outfeed board conveyor.

Two lasers are standard on the EG400 for board positioning, and it is equipped with anti-kickback protection and other safety features including a perimeter e-stop cable and electrically interlocked safety covers. The standard infeed table is available with optional rip fences.

An optional tailer outfeed keeps the edged boards moving through the line, while enabling easy waste removal. Optional electronic setworks are available.


22kW Electric motor

22 kW Electric motor
Power for softwoods and hardwoods.

Remote operator’s console

Remote operator’s console
Reposition controls in the best location for operator productivity.

Two 400mm circular blades

Two 400 mm circular blades
Move in and out from the centre.

Two lasers

Two lasers
The twin lasers enable the operator to see how to get the most out of the board.

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 Standard 22 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
 Max. Feed width  900 mm
 Max. Board Width Cut  700 mm
 Min. Board Width Cut  76 mm
 Max. Board Thickness  100 mm
 Min. Board Thickness  25 mm
 Min. Board Length  1.1 m
Edger Features & Options
 Standard  2 circular blades
 Set of 2 Lasers
 Infeed table
 Flat Outfeed table
 Options  Setworks
 Heavy-duty outfeed tailer
Feed System
 Feed speed  0-25 m/min
 Diameter  406 mm
 No. blades  2
Edger Requirements
 Normal power usage 400 V 50 Hz 3Ph: 70 Amp

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