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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range a first for Africa

The new planer moulder range is the result of the Wood-Mizer’s acquisition of the business interests of Swedish woodworking machine manufacturer, MOReTENs AB

The acquisition of MOReTENs will add a full range of 4-sided moulders, planers, table saws, spindle moulders, planer/thicknessers and CNC routers to Wood-Mizer’s globally available product range.

The range will be known as the Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range.

Wood-Mizer’s initial successes in the thin kerf narrow bandsaw portable sawmilling created the momentum that resulted in new acquisitions, product innovations, expanded ranges into new sectors and fast developing global manufacturing footprint that now includes the USA, Europe and Sweden.

The addition of the Planer Moulder line-up, now gives Wood-Mizer the ability to offer a full range of equipment that can seamlessly convert logs into dried lumber and finally into finished wood products - all backed by Wood-Mizer's expertise and commitment to excellent customer service.

Wood-Mizer’s globally available product range

MOReTENs’ product range is the result of solid engineering with the company’s founder, Bo Mårtensson starting the company over 30 years ago.

 “Throughout our history, Wood-Mizer has been committed to providing the best quality equipment to process logs into finished wood products,” said Wood-Mizer President and CEO Richard Vivers.

The inside of the MP360. Heavily engineered top and bottom and side spindles for accurate and precise straight planing and moulding in one pass.

“The affordable and versatile moulder and planer product lines from MOReTENs have been proven worldwide for decades, and are now backed by the high-quality service and support network customers expect from Wood-Mizer.

“To add to the tradition of excellence and continuity in expertise, Wood-Mizer has asked Bo Mårtensson to join us as the General Director of the MOReTENs factory in Ostersund, Sweden,” Richard Vivers continued.

The easy-to-use control panel gives access to all machine functions.

“Many years ago, I was a young engineer with carpentry experience when I started MOReTENs and began building woodworking machinery,” said Bo Mårtensson.

“I’m proud to see my products in workshops worldwide. Our incorporation into the wider Wood-Mizer product family will allow us to take our existing products to a much bigger customer base and will also accelerate our capability to introduce new products to meet our customers’ needs.”

Heights and widths are easily adjusted and has user friendly measurement scales.

Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range now available in South Africa

Wood-Mizer started with the phased introduction of the Planer Moulder range into its global distribution network in 2018, which will now be known as the Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range.

Wood-Mizer Africa will introduce the Wood-Mizer MP260 and MP360 4-sided moulders to South Africa first, with the rest of the product family following later.  

We are confident that the Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range introduces a new chapter for Wood-Mizer in affordable, high quality, moulding and planing capacity,” Gavin Prowse, Managing Director of Wood-Mizer Africa says.


“New and existing producers now have access to technology that can plane and profile in one pass, which to date fell well outside the budgets of most producers and prevented them from entering the market or improving their production capacity and quality.


“The small footprint of the unit makes it easy to slot into existing layouts and inexpensive to link to support services like dust extraction.


“A full range of planer and profiling knives that slot onto the four individual spindles extends the flexibility that manufacturers now have with the Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range,” Gavin Prowse continues.



The Wood-Mizer MP260 four-sided planer/moulder is a versatile, compact machine engineered for professional woodworkers, carpenters, or joiners in the construction trade.

Infeed speed is also easily adjusted.


It planes and moulds boards on all four sides in a single pass into a variety of professionally finished products including flooring, planed boards, crown moulding, cabinet trim, panelling, door and window frames, and furniture components.


Key parameters for the unit includes four-sided planning and moulding with a maximum material height / width that can pass through the unit sitting at 230 mm and 410mm. The unit’s four cutter heads are driven by 3 kW motors.

Taller and wider spindles on the MP360 allows for the planing and moulding of larger components.



The Wood-Mizer MP360 four-sided planer/moulder is a high-production, large capacity machine engineered for professional workshops. It’s a further development of the tried and tested Wood-Mizer MP260 planer/moulder.


Its robust design allows for the processing of thicker timber on four sides offering a maximum planning/moulding height of 230 mm and a maximum cutting width of 510 mm.

A variety of planing and profiling knives come standard with the machine and allows for increased flexibility.

The unit’s four cutter head motors range in size from 3 – 5.5 kW with the feed speed pinned at 3 – 15 m/minute.

For a full rundown on the specifications and options on the Wood-Mizer Planer Moulder range visit www.woodmizerafrica.com



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