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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wood-Mizer Titan Wideband Sawmills Announced

Wood-Mizer  is best known as a leading supplier of thin-kerf, narrowband sawmills since the 1980s, has significantly broadened its reach into the narrowband sawmill manufacturing and supply arenas in the past decade with many log processing lines operating throughout Africa.


Now Wood-Mizer has furthered its product range, and is supplying a complete range of wideband equipment solutions, due to the conclusion of an agreement with South Africa-based Multisaw Sawmilling to take over the sales and manufacturing of the company’s sawmilling equipment range. This sawmilling equipment range will be known as “Wood-Mizer TITAN”.


The Wood-Mizer TITAN range is made up of wideband primary and secondary breakdown sawmilling solutions as well as circular multirips, optimizing edgers and manual board edgers.


This strategic move will add further momentum to Wood-Mizer’s ability to design and manufacture innovative wideband and circular sawmilling solutions that will broaden the corporation’s product range and market opportunity, while ensuring that it is able to meet the demands of all of its existing and new customers who want this type of solution for their sawmilling requirements.

“Our industrial narrowband range has made great strides in the last 15 years to help timber producers worldwide to cut costs and raise yields,” says Gavin Prowse, Managing Director of Wood-Mizer Africa. “But that is just one piece of a very big market that exists”.


“TITAN products are extremely well built machines built for high-throughput industrial applications that now gives Wood-Mizer the ability to serve the needs of those customers.”

This, together with the corporation’s global service and support network, will give existing Multisaw owners and new Wood-Mizer TITAN owners the confidence of unrivalled performance, coupled with the assurance of being part of the Wood-Mizer’s customer care network.


The Wood-Mizer Range

TITAN wideband machines will greatly expand Wood-Mizer’s range, which will now consist of three distinct product lines, each geared towards the specific volume and budget requirements of the end-user.


  • Wood-Mizer’s Orange sawmill range will continue to provide sawmilling solutions for entry-level through to professional sawmillers.
  • Wood-Mizer’s “Green” Industrial range for narrowband industrial sawmilling solutions.
  • The TITAN range for heavy-duty, high-throughput industrial and wideband sawmilling applications.

Each TITAN product is designed to operate as a standalone unit that can be used in existing sawmilling lines or be part of an entire sawmilling line that can be customized to the requirements of the end-user.

Wood-Mizer and Wood-Mizer TITAN - solutions for all your sawmilling needs.



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