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Resawing holds the key to higher productivity and bigger margins

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Resawing holds the key to higher productivity and bigger margins

Wood-Mizer has noticed that there are many scenarios where a resaw can assist a sawmill to achieve better results.


Sawmills using swingblade machines or chainsaws to square a log can save a lot of time and improve recovery by cutting the blocks or cants into boards with a resaw instead of cutting each board individually on the breakdown machine. Using thin kerf blades also improves recovery.


An operator using a standalone bandsaw machine traditionally saws each board on the machine. By only cutting blocks or cants on his machine and then passing the blocks through a resaw, the volumes per day and the speed with which individual boards are cut will increase.


Furniture manufacturers or timber merchants also have the requirement to split thicker material into thinner material to save costs and improve productivity. Wood-Mizer’s resaw range also fulfils this need.


Unpacking the range


HR 200 - Heavy-duty single head resaw


The HR200 is a heavy-duty single head resaw.

The HR200 is a single head resaw with a rubber conveyor belt, manual height and variable speed adjustment that can be set from 0-20m/min. The HR200 has a maximum material processing capacity of 300 mm (wide) x 400 mm (high).


Wood-Mizer has had great successes with the HR200 with numerous units sold and it continues to be a resaw of choice.


Many sawmills cutting Eucalyptus or gum have had specific successes with the HR200 due to its ability to release the stress in the timber effectively and in doing so, allowing for uniform boards to be cut.


HR500 – Affordable multi-head resaw 


The HR500 is an affordable multi-head resaw that can grow with your business.

The HR500 is a modular machine that allows the customer to buy a frame onto which one or two heads can be fitted. When the customer wants to expand or increase his volume, he can purchase an additional frame with either one or two heads.


The units are pre-wired to allow for expansion up to six heads and gives the ability to increase output modularly without having to buy new equipment every time.


The HR500 has a maximum material processing capacity of 300 mm (wide) x 400 mm (high).


It comes standard with a blade lubrication kit, which together with the hydraulic blade tensioning are centrally located to increase productivity and ease of access.


The HR500 can have Setworks fitted to it. This sees a computer controlling the up / down movement of the heads to ensure consistent sizing and increased output.


The HR500 works well in medium sized operations and allows for consistently high output with its ability to resaw a cant into several, precisely resawn boards in one pass.


HR700 – Industrial multi-head resaw

The HR700 is a heavy-duty resaw capable of cutting large and bulky cants, blocks or slabs.

The HR700 is a heavy-duty resaw capable of cutting large and bulky cants, blocks or slabs that measure up 400 mm in width and 400 mm in height.


The HR700 is the biggest resaw in Wood-Mizer’s narrowband resaw range and is designed to cut large and heavy material. It has a maximum material processing capacity of 400 mm (wide) x 400 (high).


As with the HR500, the HR700 is a very modular machine that can be expanded as and when required.


The twin-track steel belt conveyor together with heavy, powered rollers provides a solid and durable surface that fully supports the entire cant width to produce accurately resawn material.


The HR700 can also be fitted with Setworks, which can assist to achieve higher recovery especially when a sawmill is cutting variable size material.


Centralised blade tensioning for each two-head base makes the blade change process more efficient.


The HR700 will add significant capacity to sawmills that cut large cants on a daily basis or for customers that put wide sideboards through a resaw and would therefore require a head that can flexibly change sizes to improve recovery.



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