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Articles & Stories

Invest in African Timber Confidently with Wood-Mizer

Are you a successful expatriate from Africa living in Europe? Looking for investment opportunities in Africa or to start a family business back home? A Wood-Mizer sawmill can...

Wood-Mizer resaw expands pallet manufacturer’s output sharply

The installation of a Wood-Mizer HR500 double-head resaw at a pallet manufacturing business in South Africa’s Northern Cape province, delivers a number of benefits for the...

Wood-Mizer’s new twin rail LX450 sawmill transforms a sawmill in...

A Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill in South Africa helps increase the company’s output more than expected.

Resawing holds the key to higher productivity and bigger margins

Wood-Mizer’s extensive line-up of resawing solutions allow sawmillers to tap into the opportunities that can be unlocked with a resaw.

Turning illegally-logged timber into 146,000 school desks

How the Philippines developed a plan to salvage illegally-logged timber that was left rotting after being apprehended by authorities, using the valuable timber to produce...

How one small sawmill can be a catalyst for positive change in the...

Glen Chapman tells how one small sawmill in Congo has provided opportunity to improve lives in amazing ways.

Zambian mine improves profits sustainably

A mining company in Zambia uses Wood-Mizer sawmills to demonstrate how mining can increase profitability while promoting environmental sustainability and economic...

Wood-Mizer Titan delivers constant growth for Patula Products

A Wood-Mizer Titan sawmill line that was installed in 2013 at Patula Products Sawmill in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, has grown the sawmill into a major supplier of...

UCL Sawmill about to conclude two-year sawmill efficiency upgrade

One of the largest sawmills in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, UCL Sawmill has almost completed a two-year equipment transition to Wood-Mizer’s TITAN wideband and...

New Delhi sawmill getting more from their logs in India and Africa

A sawmiller with operations both in India and Africa reports saving operational costs and improving log yield by relying on Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf LT15 sawmill in his...


Welcome to the Newsroom for Wood-Mizer Africa! 

Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

I invite you to contact myself to inquire more about Wood-Mizer or any of these articles. 

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